I have therapy room on the beautiful Dartington estate a mile from Totnes. Counselling sessions are an hour, and I work with clients for longer or shorter periods of time.

The initial session is free and is an opportunity for us to meet and talk about what working together would look like and the focus of the work. Then, if we both wish to continue, we would meet at a time that works for you.

My Approach

shirleyI am interested in building a relationship of trust and understanding with you, and providing a space that feels safe and held, where we can work together on what what you bring.

By listening to what each person brings and conveying a sense of being alongside them, I offer a supportive sensitive response to what arises. I also feel that to be fully heard by someone non-judgementally, who can see things from your point of view, can be very helpful, at times transformative, allowing us to become aware of new possibilities.

I am a gardener and interested in the natural world as a whole. I see counselling as a way of reconnecting us to our roots, helping us to grow.

Its not always easy to seek counselling. I offer support, can listen to your hopes and fears and can, with warmth, be with you and what you bring, however painful or difficult.

I am interested in people’s stories. I have always been interested in peoples stories. How we have got to where we are now. Our patterns, our family patterns, change and our response to change, our feelings about change.

Our experiences have helped to shape us. Counselling can offer an opportunity to reflect on these and perhaps begin to see our choices more clearly. Sometimes it feels we have few choices. Or we get stuck in the past, over choices already made. Counselling may give us a chance to stand back and see things in a different way.